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Palm Valley Senior Men’s Golf Association
Goodyear, Arizona 85395

Welcome to the Palm Valley Senior Men’s Golf Association.  Here are some basic facts about the association.

Background - Founded in March 2006, the PVSMGA has over 110 members.  We play on Tuesday mornings at Palm Valley’s Palm Course.  Most of our events are individual net tournaments at the US Golf Associations standard 96% handicap.  We also play occasional team events, scrambles, best ball events, etc.  We have two seasons, April thru September and October thru March.  Points are awarded for participation in events and for top 10 finishes.  At the end of each season we have a social event where awards and trophies are presented.  Election of officers takes place at the spring event.  In 2010 we instigated flights, an A and a B flight, with cut-off at about an 18 handicap.

Organization – The members, through the Board of Directors, run the Association.  The Palm Valley Golf Club has been very helpful and supportive, but it has nothing to do with managing our organization.  The Board consists of the President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer who are the officers of the association.  Additional Board Seats are extended to the Tournament Director, Director Emeritus (Gene O’Neil) and three Directors at Large.  All Directors are elected by the general membership at annual elections.

Membership – Members must be at least 55 years of age.  Members are required to play at least three rounds each season to maintain their active status.  Members who have a medical issue may take a voluntary leave of absence and become inactive until their situation changes.  Upon completion of the leave they are immediately reinstated to active status.

Financial Obligations

a.   Annual dues are $40 (2014).  The Club is going to change to a calendar year effective January 1, 2014.  Dues are delinquent by January 31 and unpaid members may not play until such delinquency is remedied.
b.  The Pot – each week every player chips in $10 into the pot.  $9 goes for prizes which are awarded the following week.  Results of golf on Tuesday are posted on the web-site Tuesday afternoon.  The remaining dollar goes into the Treasury to maintain the club.  (note – new members will chip in only $5 for their first three rounds while they are establishing their handicap for the club).

Our intent is to reward good play by both high and low handicap golfers, and to make cash prizes meaningful but modest.

c.  Palm Card – the course requires the purchase of their Palm Card (OB Sports).  For 2014 the card costs $99 if purchased prior to January 1, with an award of 600 points that sponsors a free weekday round.  Points are accumulated based on your purchases and green fees.

Handicaps – We use our own handicap system which is similar to the USGA system.  New members are eligible to compete in handicap events after posting three individual 18 hole scores.

Events - You may sign up for future events through our website  www.pvsmga.com or by sending an email to the Tournament Director listed under each event.  Members without email or internet may call the tournament director at xxx xxx-xxxx .  A list of all club officers is on the website.
Purpose- the purpose of the Association is to promote honesty, integrity, camaraderie and love of the game.  To that end, we believe that all members should have an equal opportunity to play with every other member.  Most of our events are designated as individual net contests.  In those events, our policy will be to assign players to groups and starting hole assignments through random selection, so that everyone has an equal chance.  .  This has the added advantage of helping beginning golfers learn rules and strategy from more experienced players.  Team events and certain other special situations may require deviation from this method of assignment.  Members are permitted to bring eligible guests to events.  Guests do not participate in the tournaments and are not eligible to win prize money.  Any guest who wishes to play more than three times in a year must join the Association.  Guests will be allowed if space is available!

For Membership information, call Don Morrison 623 536-1789 or email him at azpathfinder2@msn.com  Presently we are only accepting full time AZ residents for membership.  There is currently a long waiting list available. 

Revised 4/14

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